Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Denise woke me up this last night a few times. She said I was making a strange noise and not breathing right. I think it was all the swelling. This morning I was still bleeding a little. Maybe I sound have not tried to be active yesterday, but man was it ever a beautiful day. I woke myself up once, I gasped like I had been holding my breath. It ended up good. Denise was getting ready for work and I quietly made my way to her bathroom where she was getting ready. Slowly turned on the vent fan and she saw my hand and the noise all the sudden. Too funny. I never heard anybody scream like that before, lol. Then I ran. :) Kinda chilled a bit today. I get too active I throb, but it's getting better. I used the pain pills again today but maybe none tomorrow, just a few today. I hate the way I fee with them almost as much as the pain. The swelling is going down some, so it should be good tomorrow. Today I mostly played outside and then inside when it throbbed. Ordered a few pounds of corn seed and Celtic Salt, and a few others seeds.     


CourtneyC said...

Anthony, I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I hate that for you...the other teeth removal didn't cause such grief, did it? When you said you just wanted to get it over with even though it was really painful, oh my heart broke for you. Grinning and bearing it is not my motto, for sure. I've never noticed that complaining does much good, but I'm a beliver in gettin out when the gettin's good. Go easy on yourself next time, K? Keeping you and Denise in my prayers.

anthony7 said...

Thanks Courtney. One would think that I'd be a bit tougher, but dental is my weakness. I'm a wimp when it comes to that.:) I get into something like that it is my first reaction to just be done with it. I lacked 3 more treatments in radiation and Dr Green said we were about to the point we were when I ended up in the hospital. He asked if I wanted to stop or finish, he was leaving it up to me since we were that close. I chose to finish.
Now here is the funny part. On the last visit ma and Charlie were going to celebrate. We were headed to Shoney's Breakfast Bar. i talked briefly on the phone, handed him the phone and threw up 5 times on the way home. I passed out when we got here. Sometimes that get it over with attitude comes back to bite me, lol.

Lori Bei Durst said...

Hi Anthony,
Checking in...saw the other site and left a comment there. I hate to hear about your tooth pain and feeling under the weather, but glad you were able to get some seeds ordered...onward and upward, yes?
Hope today was better and that Denise and the rest of the family are feeling better too and taking their Vitamin D! :o)
Take care!
Fondly, Lori

anthony7 said...

Thanks Lori. It's slowly getting there. I'm a baby with tooth issues, lol. Since the weather is turning bad again, I've stayed in. Megan is better and Denise says she is getting there. Funny, we both sound alike. A mixture between Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas and Sling Blade, lol.

I'm already planning my garden and I think, God willing, I'll maybe put 1/2-1 acre of corn out. Part for eating and part for feeding the animals. I bought the open pollinated (heirloom) corn varieties. That way I can save my own seeds. Now, where to sow it at.