Friday, October 14, 2011


  I got a call from Panella's nurse today on the blood work. It was all good except the Potassium was low. I use to take supplements when I worked at UPS during the summers. I didn't know that Potassium is ever prescribed as medicine, except in IV bags, seen those when I had my heart attack. He added 20meq pills for a month. Denise said it would also help to give me energy.

  I'm not sure if it will help the neuropathy which seems to be in overdrive the last 2 weeks. Kind of comes in handy since so far I seem to have slightly broken my pinky and I think something in my right foot when I tripped and fell about a week ago. Certainly helps with the pain which still comes through but tolerable for the most part.

  Tonight me and Denise have watched a little TV, which I normally don't do. We saw Harry Bikers eat rat, and now the 80 ways dudes eat Ostrich eggs. Denise says she wouldn't eat either... I'd try both, lol. I ate Opossum once, but I wouldn't have if I'd known what it was. Maybe it was cooked wrong or maybe the thought of road kill being cooked, but it had a horrible after taste, greasy/slimy too.   


CourtneyC said...

I get calf cramps in my sleep, and always try to eat a bannafor potassium to counteract that. Hope the supplements help your energy. We also have in the last 2 weeks trapped 3 opossums and one coon trying to get into our chicken coop. That thing is built like fort Knox since my husband is a carpenter. I'm grossed out by possums just for how hey a giant hissing, mean rat...ow you've described exactly how I think they'd taste. Ewwww.

anthony7 said...

I get those too, hopefully that will take them away. Your chicken coop sounds like ours. The last measure was to install a motion sensor light by the door. This time of year is when it gets tried a lot. They should be too fat to do much since they ate most of the corn plus the Banana Melons. :)

Cali said...

The potassium should help with your leg cramps, but I've been on potassium supplements for years and they haven't helped my neuropathy one bit. I really hate those waxy blue pills and they go out looking almost exactly like they went in, except pink. Don't be surprised if you see them as you flush them away.

Odd that your neuropathy seems worse the last couple of weeks, because mine is, too! I wonder if it's the change of seasons? The days are still warm-ish, but the nights are getting very cool.

I would totally eat ostrich eggs. A poultry egg is a poultry egg. They are just a lot bigger. In fact, they are the largest single cell on the planet! I wonder how many lemon-merengue pies you could get out of just one?

As for the 'possum, nope, I'm not eating that. The father of one of my childhood friends was a trapper and I've been told that they are virtually inedible, and, as a very needy family with six kids, if they wouldn't eat it, neither will I. However, I have since heard that if they are stewed with enough garlic, onion, acid (vinegar, tomato product, citrus and/or wine) and spices and then allowed to cool so that the fat can be removed it's edible-- if you are starving.

anthony7 said...

Cali, I think you may be right on the weather changing, maybe it is the reason it seems to have increased. I know this time of year my knees, shoulder, neck, elbows seem to flare up. maybe it effects neuropathy too.

On the Opossum recipe, maybe that is how they do it. I think the wine maybe be drink enough to not know what you are eating, lol.