Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yesterday was Brandon's birthday, he is 10. Happy Birthday Brandon.

  I stopped talking the Prednisone tonight, Denise said if I was going to stop it to do so by skipping every other dose, but I'm think all together. If I get any bigger I'll give Humpty Dumpty a run for his money. I'm sure the Mt Dew and lack of will power to eat less or at least skip a few meals plays a role as well as the lessened activity. I'm not even sure how coming off of it will effect my throat, but getting fat (r) ain't too healthy either. I thought about my Treadmill  but then what would I hang my coat on. :)

  I go back the end of the month for a follow-up with Rathfoot. Worse case scenario I have to go back on the before or after, best case one less pill to remember. Actually if I loose the weight I could drop maybe one of the BP Pills and maybe then one of the acid reflux pills.

  The Neuropathy is slowly leaving my hands, a little on my face, now if the feet would just cooperate that would be another pill down.

  Weird weather the last two days and the temps just dropped. Lucky for me I have my long hair, beard, and fat rolls as insulation. 


Anonymous said...

The weather here in MI isn't so great either. I got my BIO channel "I survived beyond and back" in the mail on Wednesday. I was looking forward to seeing you, Dea, and some other people and then found out the BIO channel screwed up and burned the regular "I survived" episodes on the "beyond and back" episodes. That sucks!

Hope you are feeling good and I know steroids turn us into marshmallow people. lol. Just hope you are able to keep on feeling good. Best of luck to you and your family. :O)

hope said...

predisone is just plain bad.heard it was bad for your bones ,but i thought you were suppose to wean yourselve from it like your wife oldest son had hodgekin lymphoma when he was 22yrs. he has been cancer free since 2004.but anyway keeping your family in prayer. God BLESS~

anthony7 said...

Hi Kaydee, sorry for the delay, this thing don't email like it use to when someone comments. I probably messed something up. Man I hate being the Pillsbury Dough boy. I've lost a few pounds now and remembered why I don't drink, wouldn't stop, lol. I gave up on dieting and trying to do smaller portions. Thank you for the good wishes. I wish you and yours well too.

Hi Hope, I went to weaning, cold turkey was a bit hard on the system. I'll keep you and your son in my prayers. It is so good to hear that he is cancer free. I pray that he has smooth sailing from here on, I know he has seen the rough part.

David said...

Everything alright, Anthony? Haven't heard anything from you for a while.

anthony7 said...

Hi David. Sorry for the late response back. I use to get emails saying a comment was posted but haven't in a while. I probably messed something up. So far so good on everything.