Thursday, May 17, 2012


And this is the way my day went, you can see it in the pictures. Look at Denise's face, in her eyes. My worst days are when my pain is reflected in her and it brings her down. My best days are when she smiles like this. You can't have a bad day when a great person is having a good day, isn't she beautiful. I wish I could make her smile and laugh every day. And the world was at peace in my little corner and all was well. No long faces here today and everybody smiles, even those who called on the phone. I thank God for these days and allowing me to be in great company, great family.

  Denise' your still the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. A pretty woman can turn a man's eyes, but a beautiful woman turns his head, then his heart. I love you. Happy Birthday. Man I'm blessed.


Cali said...

A happy belated birthday to Denise!

When last you wrote you weren't feeling too well, I hope you are OK now and just busy with the garden and such. We are having beautiful weather here just now and it's just warm enough to turn on the water cooler for a couple of hours in the early evening before sunset.

I have a little Chihuahua that looks very, very much like your dog. Our dog's name is Ellie-- I say it's Ellie May (Clampett) and my son insists it's really Ella Fitzgerald. Here's the deal:

When I got my little boy Chihuahua my son managed to name him Jethro five minutes after we got him home. Supposedly because the tiny little thing went crazy when the Jethro Tull song "Aqualung" came on the radio. At least his name isn't Aqualung, thank the heavens. I hated Jethro as a name and wanted to give him a Spanish name. Since he was already answering to it there really wasn't much I could do. Not many names, especially Spanish names rhyme with Jethro. Naturally, most everyone thinks he's named after Jethro Bodine.

But, yeah, I got a smart Chihuahua. Two of 'em, in fact. Lucky me. Unlucky for several pairs of shoes, a few remote controls, dozens of dog toys and assorted stuffed animals, a couple of game controllers, Jethro's leash and an endless number of socks.

Neither of them are two yet and I still have hope that eventually the obsessive, aggressive chewing of contraband items that Ellie does will stop. Although, we discovered yesterday that she has one baby tooth remaining. *sigh* Still, both of them know their names and many, many phrases and commands related to playing, eating or going somewhere.

Jethro really knows the word "stay." Ellie got called into the house and scolded for barking (one of her many vices) a couple of weeks ago and warned to "Stay in the house!" Half an hour later I found Jethro cowering on the porch. He was all alone and shivering on the chilly concrete, scared and confused. I guess I hadn't used her name during the scolding and he thought I was talking to him! I felt SO awful.

Sooooo, that's how Ellie, (who prefers to be called "Ellie-Belly,") got her name. And then some.

anthony7 said...

That is too cool Cali. Elle Mae and Jethro Bodine, love it. With 2 youngins like that you have your hands full. Roxie was taken to the shelter because she was destructive. She laid around mostly for about 2 weeks, sweetest dog we'd seen. Then I think she got possessed, lol. She dug 2 holes in the carpet, then onto other things. For a while she thought her name was dammit, lol. I couldn't imagine having 2 that young in the house, but I bet its fun.

Harley, the Great Pyrenees we have we raised in the house until he turned over the Kitchen table. He chewed my wheel barrel handles off, a Pecan tree (think Trixie helped), and pretty much destroyed whatever was outside. To this day our expensive water hose has about 10 patches and is about 15 feet longer. That was 10 or 11 years ago. If he lives through the sunny I'll be surprised. He still follows me around the yard as best he can, begs for an egg every now and then when I get the eggs. Roxie bosses him around like she does the other two.

We got her occupied with a ball and she also loves to chase the lazer pointer thing, plus she finally chewed out of everything. She sleeps under the cover every night with Denise. That dog can hear a thump outside. They even have clothes for her to wear... and she wears them.

I love dogs, pretty much all animals, but especially dogs. I've seriously thought about a horse, but then Jack might not like it.