Monday, October 22, 2012

See Ya Later Russell Means

  Today God called Russell Means home today and today the world lost a little light. We never met face to face but over the years we became friends. He had throat cancer and got better, then I changed my email server and lost his email. I kept saying I was going to find it, but I waited a bit long. Denise called to tell me from her work that Chief Means died, I considered him a chief and a hero. He was 72 the last time we talked. Please pray for his family. We will meet him one day in a better place. For now our hearts are heavy. Please pray for his wife and family that their pain be eased.   

Go well my brother.


David said...

I'm sorry to see him go. I don't know much about him but in the little bit I looked up, he seemed like a very good man.

Don't get down on yourself too much, Anthony. We all do that. Wait too long only to realize it is too late. He seemed to have a very fulfilled life, and (as you said) you can chat about email servers at another time :)

anthony7 said...

Hi David, I'll miss those videos he use to post up too. Russell had a full and complete life and his wife is one of the sweetest people you'll ever talk to. Denise read about him tonight and I think for the 1st time realized just what all he had done. It said he was 72, I wasn't sure if he had a birthday or not since we'd last talked. I should have kept in tough better, but it would have surprised me all the same. Years ago I made a friend and we emailed almost every night for a long time, then the emails stopped. Only Aaron never mentioned he had cancer. Denise didn't recognize Aaron like she did Russell, even when they announced him as the maker of Trading Places. Every time older people die we lose a wealth of information.