Wednesday, November 7, 2012


  I got a call from the eye doctor's office today at UT Eye Surgeons, said he wanted some blood work. I'll pick up the orders tomorrow and take to the lab where Denise works to have it drawn. We will see whats up on that. Other than that the neuropathy hasn't changed, still here. I think the wet weather/cold has something to do with it because it seems to get worse, Sally says hers is too. Denise and Megan have bought caught Misty's cold, so far I've been spared. I got a call from Rod, his wife Nora had breast cancer, they put her in remission, now it's back and 13 chemo treatments later, it's not responding. Please remember them in your prayers, they are good people. We made friends when I worked in Real Estate with them. 

  I've stayed in the last 2 days, cold and wet outside. Me and Megan baked some Gluten Free French Bread... not quite the size I was after but the taste is excellent. Today I researched a little more on gluten free flours and what is good and what mixes with what well. I have 2 recipes but didn't go by either one, lol. God willing, I plan to try and grow some of these plants the flour derives from next year, so study will be needed on that too. I have no idea how to grow that stuff, harvest it, or clean it to turn into flour. :) I do know that Denise has now lost 15lbs, Megan has lost about 10, and I've lost about 10 (I keep falling off the wagon). Denise will from time to time but seldom. Megan will not eat Gluten anything. Already her sinuses are better, bloating gone, and acid reflux is gone too. I'll have to say that after a week or so my acid reflux is gone as well, and sinuses are not as bad.

  Megan's duck hatched out 8 babies so far which was an unbelievable feat when one considers they live on a wire floor pen. She has done a great job. The cows are eating like pigs. We put out 3 rolls and they were down to one today. The rolls are so-so quality, save for 2 that just weren't eatable and I replaced them, so that is 5 rolls down now. Not bad for the second week of November, but we only bought 120. It'll be tight. Now here was a funny thing. We were watching Duck Commanded on TV tonight and Megan and Denise think I act a lot like Phil, Willie's dad, with a touch of Willie's brother added in. I'll take that as a compliment. That came after Phil caught the grandchildren playing video games and gave them a lecture and took them fishing. Except I don't fish, I'd like to but don't. I play in dirt and animals and fix things, but I don't understand texting or video games... at all. Thought that was pretty cool of him making taking them fishing. The dirtier I am the happier I am. :) That justifies I can set in the tub a long time and read. Well, prowlers again tonight, either 4 or 2 legged, which means I have to go outside in this crappy weather and see.

  It's been a good day, and I thank God for that.      


David said...

Ok I have to be honest, Anthony. I had to look up what duck commander was. I looked it up. Then I laughed because these guys look awesome. I need to watch it don't I? Now I have to look at Phil in a different light. :)

anthony7 said...

We love that show, those guys are crazy. I don't think I'm as bad as Phil though. I do have a Cell Phone (but I don't text and it ain't a smart phone) and computers. This year though I've missed my limit of what I watch on TV from 2 shows maximum a week to 4, but I've cut back on internet time. :) Not to say I don't watch a different show from time to time.

The one think my grandkids never say is they are bored. I remember me and Joe saying that to Annie once and found ourselves hoeing tobacco most of the day. When we showed them the blisters, Annie said that'd not happen when our hands toughened up. We didn't say bored again, lol. Last time I heard that we went to the garden. Phil hunts and I garden. We both enjoy shooting though.

Jase in the show is a character, always thinking up something and puts things in a comical way.