Saturday, June 16, 2012


  Been a while so I thought I'd update. First off, Happy Fathers Day.

  The discs are slowly going down and I can turn my head a little easier now. My nose is about healed and the forehead is getting close too, can't beat that. I got one more muscle relaxer left I'll take tonight and then get Denise to pop me again. I thought I'd really messed up yesterday when I got on the tractor, bumpy ride. I helped Mark move a building Hosea gave him with the front end loader, then helped him unload it. He used his John Deere and I used our Massey Ferguson. My blood pressure has stayed normal without the extra blood pressure pill, so I get to cut that and the Potassium supplement. 2 down, 6 to go.

  I spent the last two days though healing from a supper Denise fixed where she put 6 (I think she said) Garlic cloves in the meal. Major acid reflux, so I've upped the Prednisone to 10mg until the swelling goes down. Too much of a good thing ain't good no more.  I'd say pain level last night was at about 8. Swallowing is all but impossible and I'm guessing that is why what little saliva I have quit, maybe even the headaches that still linger, but I've had them since I kissed the floor that night.

  I've laid low for the last few days, except for the trip to town twice now. I've gotten some funny looks, so I point to Denise and say, "I thought she said get up." Tomorrow maybe I'll work a little more in the garden and fix the lawn mower, I busted the housing that turns one of the blades mowing the barn lot, should have used the bush hog. Tonight Denise is making Bread & Butter pickles, first batch. Soon will be the Peanut Beans to can. Squash is ready to pick again too and in a week the Garlic will be cured. I'm watering every other day now. It's so dry the trees are still fighting over the dogs.


Christina Almeida said...

Hi Anthony,

Well my goodness, alot has happened in the past week. I am glad the discs in your neck are not as swollen. I am also glad that fall was not worse than it could have been. You are a strong one, just as Josh is. It really must be genetic
:-). Keep getting better and don't over do any work outside.

Happy Father's Day, and hope you enjoyed it. Pampered my dad, and made an ice cream cake. Not as easy as it looks, well at least not for me.

Still keeping you in my prayers and happy the doctor gave you something to do before getting up with your BP. Just keep getting better Anthony. Say hello to Denise too. All of you take care & God Bless !!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

Sorry for you and Josh's accidents.

I am wondering how Charlie is?

anthony7 said...

Hi Christina, Thank you for the prayers and good wises. I'll bet your dad loved the ice cream & cake and the love that went into them. Josh is doing great, cast and all. The thing he got hurt on and is still riding is a Rip Board. Megan and Josh talked me into getting on it but it shot out from under me, I was holding onto the post, lol. Denise says hi. The BP is better, still takes a drop now and again.

Hi Anonymous, Charlie looks to be doing good and keeping busy, as best I see. I heard he told someone he has a gristle in his neck but I haven't the foggiest idea what that is. We don't speak and haven't in some time. Illness takes it's toll on people completely different. Some become thankful for what they have and some become bitter. I'll be here if he ever says he needs me, even without an apology. For now though, I keep my distance. Life is too short for hate, rage, and anger. Hopefully one day he will figure that out. Meanwhile all I or Denise can do is pray for them.