Sunday, September 9, 2012


  We went after the med for the yeast in my throat and they've started closing on Sundays. Denise asked if I wanted to go to the big box pharmacies, but I figured I'd just wait until tomorrow. Minnis Drug has been good so far and private owned. I went to mom's and she has something going on in her attic and her light went out. I replaced the light and the switch, even a plug. Power until a load hits it then it dies. I'm thinking a junction box is somewhere before that one, but I don't know how they wired it, maybe tomorrow.

  So me and Denise headed back to Lowes to get more shelves for her Pantry Cabinet, got them, came back home and it's finished and stocked. I baked 2 loaves of bread while we watched the Great Barrier Reef. Took one to om and kept one for us. Checked on Bailey and fed Rex. I'm still 2 days down on email, but it's bedtime. I hoped that I could research more on Gluten Free baking, oh well, maybe tomorrow. Denise enjoyed her drinks, Zevia Cola, I tried their Mt Dew version... It'd puke a vulture off a gut wagon. I'll stick with the real thing. And thats why I need to make sure I can make food that tastes good without Gluten, cause we won't eat it. :) Healthy don't have to taste that bad.   

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