Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm healing pretty quick, just not as quick as I'd like to heal. The little finger has got an infection, bacteria, or something like that. The antibiotics got me another yeast infection in the throat but already working on fixing that. In addition to the meds, turns out, Unsweetened Yogurt is actually good for that. I think I have another week before they look at the sites and take out the stitches.

  I think I just killed my chance at a hand model, lol. 



Mark Dohle said...

ET, who lives here and a friend, had a bad accident and cut off his index finger on his right hand. Since he is left handed he did not want it reattached, he hates hospitals. Read the other ones on this topic, glad you are healing my friend.


anthony7 said...

Thank you Mark. I am proof that God loves and watches over idiots, lol. Tell ET I pray he (or she) 's hand heals and causes no pain, certainly braver than I. I think that is the quickest prayer I've ever said, asking for the fingers to still be there, that I've ever done. God Bless, Anthony