Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Happy Birthday Misty   


I won't mention 35. Oooppps 


Misty Henry said...

I think you've forgotten...its 29, but thanks for the Birthday wishes. Oh and for future reference, its 29 again next year LOL!

anthony7 said...

lol, oh what was I thinking. This will be 45 for me, that must be where I made the mistake on yours. Love ya.

Misty Henry said...

Well, today you celebrated number 54...I mean, 45. OOPS. I forget we both have reached an age where we go backwards now. Hope you had a good birthday!!!! Love ya!

anthony7 said...

45 sounds better, lol. It was a good day today. We got rain, ate at Shoneys Breakfast Bar, got 4 of my new books in. The only thing lacking to make it a great day was having you all here and Annie, but you all did call. I miss seeing you everyday and watching for the kids to come home.

Next year I'm heading back to 53, lol. No way I an blow out all those candles. I Love You!!!