Monday, January 12, 2015

1-12-2015 Follow-Up

  I had a follow-up with Rathfoot today to see how HyperBaric Oxygen (HBOT) treatments are working. He wanted to see me after 10 treatments and today's made the 11th. I can tell a difference in my breathing and swallowing after that few. He saw a difference in it when he scoped me, but I don't think it was as much difference as he had hoped for. He said if he done surgery to do injections again that he didn't think I would be able to breath without a trach. He thought as soon as the breathing tube pulls out my throat would close off. I told him I was opposed to a trach and would not do one.

  We left it at he is going to try and get the insurance company to approve more treatments, but I have to go back fairly soon to be checked again. He said he would let me be the optimist, he would be the pessimist, and Denise could be the judge. I am refusing resection of my voice box or any other part that would leave a permanent hole. Apparently my danger is in getting a cold, but the real fatal danger is sleeping. I believe I have all the loose ends tied up, so it is in God's hands now, I'm good with whichever way this goes.

  I've been battling the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma a lot lately. For whatever reason it has kicked into high gear and this time I can't seen to control the patches. I'd post a question on the Lymphoma Board but I have little confidence in that. I read it but stopped participating in it a long time ago. I have few friends there left alive anyway and I watch the same questions as was there ten years ago.

  I do HBOT with a few people, many are Diabetics who are fighting to save an amputation of a limb. It is a slow progress but I've yet to see it fail and of those times are when Insurance Companies drop their coverage for it. I hope the ones who make that decision dress light when they die because I serious doubt God will approve of their fruit and drop His coverage of them. There are several I've met with radiation burns to the neck (throat) who now battle to keep what they have after the cancer is gone. I would love to know where the adage "Do no harm" comes in that oath they take is.  


samantha said...

Hi Hilly =)
How ya doing?
I hope that you had a nice holiday & good luck.

anthony7 said...

Hi Samantha, so far so good. How are you all doing? We had a nice holiday all things considered. I hope your holidays were great. Call me sometime and catch me up on what you all are up to.

David said...

Hi Anthony,

I certainly do not wish to bring up anything controversial here because I really only want to send messages of encouragement when I reply. That being the case.....

As a Canadian I have a hard time here in the US with regards to health care and how it is handled. The fact that an independent FOR PROFIT entity can decide whether or not you get medical help, to me, is utterly absurd.

Let me preface again by stating Canada is NOT perfect by ANY means with its healthcare either. But I would rather deal with its problems, than worry about whether or not I'm "covered" for treatments.

Now that that is off my chest.....

It's often hard to tell in your posts if you are "happy or sad". I suspect it is far more complicated than that and that you go through a very wide range of emotions when it comes to days like you had today. Either way, I truly respect and appreciate your optimism. Not just because it must be difficult to keep up at times when your health frustrates you, but because you are such a fine example of the contentment God can give.

You may not be "happy" all the time, but you genuinely seem to be content with the unavoidable and the unchangeable events of life. While there may not always be joy in that, there is always peace.

samantha said...

Hilly I have far too much baggage to do anything but survive the holidays. My family enjoyed themselves however, so it's all good & I'm doing fine
BTW, I agree with David's comment completely. I guess the insurance industry/medical corporations are different in Canada.

samantha said...

wondering where you are & hoping that your ok

David said...

I, too, would like to hear from you Anthony! Please let us know how things are going.