Thursday, April 2, 2015


  I am awake tonight and kind of excited. Tomorrow morning I will get to sleep late. No up before 6, no 1 hour commute, no 2 hour treatment (dive), no 1 hour back commute. I encourage you to look into this if you suffer from Radiation damage, burns, or Diabetes and have a sore that won't heal. There is probably more this will work for too, but that covered the ones I done "Dives" with. The treatments are called "Dives" and one has a choice of the casket looking boxes where you get in an all clear box and lay down, or ones like I have done which are like a part of a Submarine (or large tank) that holds 10 plus an ENT. If you have a doctor that does not support it insist, and if that don't work find a doctor that wants to help you. I really don't see why a doctor would not want this for a patient that can benefit. If you think it looks claustrophobic, it is, but they will help you with that too. This saved my throat in 2010, and now in 2015 it has saved it again. Radiation is the gift that just keeps on giving. There has to be a better way.

  I now retire my helmet but should I ever need to use it again, I would not hesitate.



Anonymous said...

Hey Hilly, so good to hear that your feeling better. Perfectly timed to enjoy the spring & summer months.
A hawk killed one of my hens the other day, I thought that hawks were loners but they've been hanging out in large groups around here lately - kinda strange.
take care, samantha

David said...

Hi Anthony,

Would you mind elaborating? Is this what you did?

I've heard about such treatments and I'm thrilled it has been effective for you.

That being the case, would you also mind elaborating on how it has helped you?

I'm so very excited that you're feeling better. I hope you have enjoyed the weather as of late, though (being in Texas) I dread the upcoming summer.....

But that is every year :)