Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Follow Up 06-22-2015 (Rathfoot)

Today was my 3 month follow-up with Dr Rathfoot. Despite being a little sore (my fault from timing) all things look good so I get another 3 months. Stretching and injections may be in the future but for now he was impressed. This is twice now HBOT has been a God send in reversing the radiation damage.

  I did however discover something not so good, I'm fatter than I thought. At 250lbs this is the most I have ever weighed and it means it is well past time to make some changes. Some say the Prednisone but I think equally guilty are Dr Peppers, Potato Chips, and Cookies. I was rather surprised to see I am that heavy. I told the nurse I'm not really over weight, I'm under tall. I got a laugh out of her. 


samantha said...

Hi Hilly, :)
todd W.

anthony7 said...

Hi Samantha. Hope all is well. I knew that was you on Facebook. Great picture of you and the boys. :)

David said...

Under tall. I love that.

So it has been a month and a half since this post. How is the weight doing? Any better?

I lost about 30 pounds over the course of a year a few years back and, by far, the biggest thing that helped was cutting out the soft drinks. It was certainly hard at first, but I substituted it with things like iced coffee, carbonated water with lime juice, or just plain fruit smoothies.

Anyway, glad to see your follow-up went well! It's always a blessing to hear good news. :)