Sunday, September 4, 2016


   It has been a while since I last posted, my computer went out shortly after the June post. I worked and worked on it and finally bought one on Ebay, used but in good shape. So now I am learning Windows 10, which is good, I just have to make adjustments in a few things. After I bought this one I was able to fix my old one, lol. It did though take me a few months to complete. When I went to school for electronics repair people didn't have computers and some people even still had tube sets. I have a lot of pictures on the drive of the old one, and I guess pictures are my most prized possession.

  I go this Tuesday for my follow-up to Rathfoot, it has been a few months. I will have to get use to that scope up my nose and down my throat again, but it ain't as bad as it sounds, plus it gives me confidence.

  As things go we got the gardens out but in the heat, and it has been the hottest and driest year I remember, I failed. I tried twice but I think I found out the hard way the heart attack left some things damaged, and I needed to heal. In the mean time we found that I have acquired Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have chose to try and manage it myself with herbs and vitamins. Boswellia has been good. Not quite the miracle they proclaim but it does help a lot. Astaxanthin is another one I take that was discovered that also, while not a cure, helps a lot. I take nothing at all for it so far aside these natural things. 

  Then, that same test revealed the Prednisone (they think) is responsible for throwing me into Diabetes. I am sure this extra weight don't help. I've went from 244 to 238 and I signed up to continue Cardiac Rehab as I can feel the improvements. I'm controlling it so far with diet and exercise. 

  Yesterday, despite a busted right knee, I put on my braces and off me and Denise went. We started out thinking a picnic in the mountains on the motorcycle, but man was Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge busy. We ended up heading to Cherokee, NC to eat and saw 2 Elk going and 6 Elk coming back. We were sore from riding but man was it ever nice. We went on a short ride last year and haven't been back since. God willing, I hope we go back soon,  this little restaurant on the strip have Brown Trout on the menu. Speaking of that, never did get to take the boat on the water this year, and the lakes now have been let down too low. God willing next year the gardens and the boat, and if not, so be it. 

Thought for today is if He can hold this world He can hold this moment. Have faith. 



David said...

I'm thrilled the two of you were able to go on another ride, Anthony. The joy one can get from doing the activities one loves can have remarkable healing properties.

Awesome to see the certificate as well! Well done!

I'm very happy to have read this post and seeing that you're doing well. Glad to see you're using Windows 10 as well. You were going to have to switch eventually anyway, so might as well start now.

I work in technology so if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask here or email me (I'm not sure if you can see my email on this).

anthony7 said...

Thanks David, but God and the ladies at Cardiac Rehab deserve the credit. I dropped to 234 for a brief moment then cookies got in my eyes, lol. I did walk past some after that though.

We got to ride at least once this year even if we didn't get to take the boat out. We're hoping to do one more ride to Veteran's Lookout, maybe go through the tunnel in KY and eat while we're there. I'd still like to go back again to Cherokee, NC and eat at the restaurant that had Trout on the sign.

Thanks on the tech help on Windows 10. I'll look for your email, that part though I haven't totally figured out like I did in the old Outlook files. Amazing how much spam it caught which makes getting my emails and reading them a bit hard.

Chris Almeida said...

My Dear Friend Anthony,
I am so sorry to respond to your heart attack news so late. I am so happy you are still with us. Thank God you are who you are such a wonderful person and your family. How do the doctors think it happened? I know you had a complete block when you told your story on Beyond and back program. Was it the same artery(ies)? Did you have any experiences? You are in my prayers.

I gotta tell you how I want to tell you be careful of over the counter meds for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have tested positive for that a few times, and since I have Lupus and Sjogren's I know my immune is in hyper mode. Make sure the over the counter meds are not going to rev your immune. You are like me with sweets such as cookies. I am finally back on metoformin(low dose) for my diabetes, and I have to say Halloween is going to be a harder time to resist chocolates. Every year I am the one to give those little and big Kids candy on Halloween. Are you on any diabetes meds now?

I see you are still present and keeping on with life. I like that! I admire that, and try to keep active in my life. The active part is still in hibernation. Lately my focus is trying to develop a letter to my dad's doctor to see how my mom and I are going to get my dad testing for his dementia. I think he is in the early stages, but I am not sure. I will figure out something to put on the letter. I ask for God's help, and God never disappoints. I also am getting a referral to pain management. It will help with hip arthritis and nerve pain. I do not know how they give injections for bone pain, but I know that I am aiming for a nerve block. Do not know how that works either. All new things to figure out and do.

Well my friend I wish you and your family well. Try not to get into any trouble. Be happy ad be healthy. Happy Halloween. Take care.


anthony7 said...

Hey Christian, I think it was my diet. We ate out frequently and also ate processed food. I done it to myself. The surgery went smooth, nothing like the first time when I crashed. Dr Rama but 2 more stents inside the original 2 stents, he stented my stents, lol. I'm still doing rehab, I have to get this weight off. Some of the nurses that were there when they worked on me said I was calm and in good humor, so much so they were surprised. I knew it wasn't my time.

They offered a pill for the diabetes, but I declined it. I control it most days with diet and exercise. They say it is the Prednisone I have to take that is causing it. Without it though the throat closes up, so I'm stuck with it.

I've been using Boswella and another that is from Hawaii algae, not a cure but they hel a lot. Bad nights I sleep in the floor and I wear copper braces on my joints.

I'll keep your you and your dad and mom in my prayers. Coconut Oil will help with his dementia. Check on that, look at

God Bless, Anthony

Chris Almeida said...
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Chris Almeida said...

Hi Anthony,

I will try and now I drink coconut milk which has coconut water. I have to tell you I am trying to get used to this. I have been introducing coconut oil to my diet too.

I am so happy you are doing well and it does not surprise you are still in rehab. I am glad you use alternative medicine. Great choice. Whatever helps :-)

I finally delivered the letter to my dad's primary care doctor asking my dad to be tested for dementia. My father says inappropriate things, and this past weekend at my aunt's house he said something to her that was so over the top. He waited til he was alone wiht her, and said she did something 3 years ago which did not happen. She does not even want him at her house anymore. Just my mom or I can go. I sent her a message I apologized, and promised her I would send a message to his primary care today. He is so much in denial, fear and anger we are going to have to trick him into seeing the doctor.

I decided on the Metformin because the insulin resistance is more than diet or diabetes, but I hate to add medications to my list because it is difficult. Timing the meds at certain times and what you can not have 2 hours before or after. Geez. I do realize I need to exercise though. My food protions have changed too. I know you can do it. I know I can do it too.

I send blessing and happiness to you and your family. I will definitely give my dad more meals cooked with coconut oil, I need that too myself. Thank you for and of course thank you for you suggestions and for listening Anthony. I do appreciate that. :-)

God Bless,

anthony7 said...

Hi Christina, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. It is a hard thing to watch and live through when someone you love has dementia or Alzheimer. I often wonder what world we live in when people' health takes a back seat to profit.

Also, eliminate Aluminum. Cookware, cans, foil, etc. Denise read something the other night about grilling and using aluminum foil, freaked her out. Few things can cross the blood brain barrier and aluminum is one of them, and the byproduct of it Fluoride.

God Bless, Anthony

Chris Almeida said...

Hi Anthony

I totally agree about aluminium foil. I now use parchment paper, but my father insists on foil. He is so stubborn. If he is tired, then I try and warm up something for him using parchment paper. I really believe that aluminium foil is bad. Wow flouride too. What these makers put in the stuff we use a lot. If Denise was freaked out, you know its bad. Say hello to Denise and thank her for the information. Although I will say his dementia and psychological issues started a long time ago. His sister warned my mom about it when they married. Also my dad imagined someone telling him that my mom was cheating on him whic was not true. There were calls to the house by a stalker. When my brother and I were young, he used to leave us at my grandmother's house while I guess he waited in the parking lot at my mom's work. She worked the evening shift. He actually tried suicide when his emotions/thoughts got the best of him. There are other things he says happened when it did not happen. My mom is also stating my brother is going down the same road per my sister in law. I hope this does not happen to me, but so far so good. I think mental illness is hard to deal with because you are trying to help the other person reach reality when they do not see it. Please do not think I underestimate those with cancer. I KNOW by what you say on your blog that it is some hard core stuff to deal with. Thank you for your prayers. I will take them. I need them.Luckily the next Alzheimer/Dementia meeting is on the 16th. I think that is the closest and I have met the people once before.

I did check out and that site has so much information. WOW. A good place to do some good research.

Hey Anthony, you, Denise and the whole family are in my prayers. I also thank you for listening. That is the best.

Much God Blessing for you and your family.


Chris Almeida said...

Hi Anthony,

I have been thinking about it for about a month, and if for any reason I have insulted you with the last comparison I am truly sorry. I just felt like I needed to get this off my chest.

Take Care