Friday, December 16, 2016


It's been a while since I posted anything so I figured a follow up was in order. I think I will also post in the musing blog as well.

  I have done ok with the cardiac rehab, I am still going voluntary. I still have some building up to do so I decided to continue, I do that three days a week. I think it is thirty dollars a month well spent. On the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), I still use Boswella (Frankincense), and Astaxanthin, and I will be going back to Ginger Root and Turmeric. All of these are natural, none of these cures or completely make one pain free all the time, but they do make this manageable. Oddly enough, the Prednisone I take for the swelling in my throat from the radiation damage also help with this stuff, so does the exercise. I often wear those copper braces that fit under the clothes so nobody knows anything is wrong. There is and will be pain involved with natural therapies, but one becomes use to that in time. A lot of that is covered at Dr Mercola's site at this: 

 My follow-up with the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma went well. It is progressing but still at a slow pace. Other than a steroidal cream I use when it hurts and a pill I take at night to keep me from tearing at my skin, I still refuse the conventional therapy. I'm ok with that. 

  Charlie's radiation was a success using the cyber knife on his lung cancer. He said they told him about five years life span and he said he smiled and said he was in his mid seventies, so thats about right. 

William has undergone open heart surgery, which was a success, but now he is on dialysis from his kidney disease. 

  So that is about it. My throat cancer is still in remission and has not relocated like Charlie's did for now. This Christmas brings back memories of the Christmas in 2009 when I shopped by having people shop for me, picking out what presents I wanted to get. I could not go out in public with little resistance. I did eventually venture out once to get Denise's Christmas. I am reminded on mom and her birthday will come December 24th, but she is in a better place now. 

  To those who read this blog or run across it and are battling something, fight for it is worth the fight. Those who have read this blog through will know I have went through what felt like Hell on earth and while there is aftermath, it was and is worth it. My grandkids will remember me and I have gotten to see them growing up. If it all ended today, it was effort well spent. Life was never suppose to be easy and through adversity one will do one of two things, grow or shrink, choose grow. Remember, if God allows us to be brought to it, He will bring us through it. For mom the outcome may have seemed she lost but in the end she actually won because her faith was restored, she fought, she grew. 

So I wish for everybody a very Merry Christmas.   


Chris Almeida said...

Merry Christmas Anthony. Thank you for your blog and for telling me about
Your blog makes a difference to me, and I am sure others. I am glad you are doing so much better than in 2009. God Bless my friend :-)

David said...

Hi Anthony,

It's been quite a while since you've posted and I just wanted to see how you're doing. Please give us an update!

Anna said...

Nice post..