Monday, January 11, 2010

1- 11- 10

I couldn't get to sleep until about 2am then at 5am I was back up. Once again we head into the eye of the storm. I hadn't placed the tank properly back on the humidified last night and it blew dry air. I woke up several times with a dry mouth and pain. I kept using the Biotene and the Lidocaine.

  We left and even though I took my cocktail at the regular time, it didn't take effect until I arrived home. I freaked out during treatments but managed to get through it. I'm sure that by now Charity must think I'm a nut because every time she does the treatment is when things go wrong. Although she was nice to me. The stops were long today, longer than I remember them being.

   Cindy was already at Easy In this morning so we stopped there and I bought a Cinnamon Bun (something like that) which gave me something on my stomach in order to take the pills. Charlie got his first cup of coffee. Me and Charlie went to Shoney's to eat. I managed to get a plate full ate plus a bowl of biscuits and gravy.

  No sooner than I hit the house I was in la-la land. I answered some emails but haven't a clue which ones or what I said. I crashed on the bed for about an hour, then another hour. It took the biggest part of the day to get back online mentally.

  My throat is still bleeding inside a little and every once and a while it feels like the cut opens up that sends a pain across my body. It seems hard to get my breath at times and getting choked only takes not noticing where my saliva is... what little I produce these days. It is getting a bit scary again and feels much like when this all started, only this time it is on my left side of my throat and what feels the small opening and where we breath from. It tends to get on ones nerves. Denise had me take one of the nerve pills after a while of debating, I did. It did calm down the anxiety.

  We walked up to Misty and Matt's for Brandon's birthday party, but I didn't stay long. Happy birthday Brandon, he is 8 years old.

  Today Gatorade is pretty much history again. Now we go back to water and maybe tea for a bit longer. The pain broke through enough tonight that I resorted in taking 1/2 an Endocet even with the patch. Still not much relief. Just finished doing the Miracle Mouth Wash. It does help some, but it too burns. Took two more Previcid, I seem to have a lot of acid reflux again starting up.

  I keep telling mysel... just 8 more treatments... 8 more.  


kimber said...

If you notice the miracle mouth wash helps, you might have some "thrush" or yeast in your mouth/throat from taking antibiotics recently, with a low immune system. This would make the pain/rawness worse. Try taking the mouthwash routinely for a few days.

anthony7 said...

Thanks. After reading this I've started back using it regularly. It does seem to help.