Tuesday, January 12, 2010


  Early again but not as cold. Charlie and me went got to UT in plenty of time again today even though we killed a little time this morning.

  It was a short treatment and went well. I met today with Dr Green and asked about the feeling I had cracked open two places in my throat and told him it bled, not a lot, but still bleeds some. He said it wasn't unusual for that to occur since my saliva glands aren't working as they should. He wasn't too concerned so I guess that it will be ok. 

  My throat is getting tighter and tighter inside and more foods and drinks are taken off the do list each day again. It's painful to eat and talk again, but I knew this was coming this time. Me and Charlie still managed to eat a big breakfast afterward at Shoneys while I still can. They always remember my plastic silverware to eat with.

  Coming back home, the cocktail was in full swing and as I got warm in Charlie's truck I began to get sleepy, think it was the drugs and a full belly. I slept until the phone rang today until 1:30pm, lol. Now approaching 11pm, I'm ready for sleep again. Must be the radiation.

  I thought I'd post and I looked for an email from Sally, but didn't see the email. I always look forward to getting emails from Sally. We made friends a few years back from the Lymphoma board. Sally is a great lady and has been an excellent friend. Denise always looks for her email too. Even though we've never met face to face I consider her to be one of my best friends. She is very tough to have gone through what she has gone through and remain so positive and caring.

  There still wasn't many that were there early this morning which was a shocker.  

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