Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1-13- 10

I apparently set my alarm clock on daylight savings time and at 4:45am I awoke and freaked out because it said 5:45am. I ran into Denise's room headed for the closet and went and brushed my teeth. Denise pointed out my clock was wrong and after checking other clocks in the house... it was, lol.

  Today was suppose to be the start of the short ones yet one of the other girls said yesterday was. Funny but they don't seem any shorter. On the outside my throat looks a lot better than the last time but on the inside, it is horrible again. It feels like my throat is closing off again and where I cracked it open it is very painful. It did finally stop bleeding though. I've went from worrying about this pain patch to adding 1/2 an Endocet to my day 3 times a day. Kim has relieved my fear on the patch and I believe she is correct, I'm benefiting more than I know from wearing it. If all goes well, the Thursday after this one will be my last treatments... Thank God.

  Picture Strep throat, now multiply that. That is what this feels like. Each day gets a little worse. The cracks are getting better though as Kim suggested that I go back to doing the Miracle Mouth Wash regularly. It does burn a bit but maybe that shows it's helping.

  I have went back to room temperature water rather than cold. Cold water is producing too much pain. Smaller foods like rice are off the list again until these cracks heal. They are big enough to harbor some of the small grains which leads to coughing them up.

   I've used a tom of Biotene lately as the saliva glands have all but quit with regular secretions and have gone back to a thick mucus like secretion. Especially before treatment. While you are strapped down the last thing you want is a dry mouth and suddenly want to swallow, and there is nothing there to swallow to moisten the throat. I read on another throat cancer blog that sometimes they have to stretch your throat again and remove scar tissue. Hopefully that will not be the case here.   

   We've broken the ice with the man with a beard in the waiting room now. It's took a while but between Charlie and me he now speaks and smiles. No more long faces and silence. I believe he is going to be alright now.


kimber said...

You know me, always a comment to post. You might try mixing a half teaspoon of the lidocaine with your miracle mouthwash. OR use the lidocaine a few minutes before using the miracle mouthwash, would help stop the burn.
Also, dilation is very common even in people with reflux disease, a very simple procedure usually, so that will be a breeze compared to everything else you've endured.

anthony7 said...

Thanks Kim. Man has your advice worked wonder so far, and I appreciate it. I'm going to give that a try in the morning.

If they dilate I hope and pray the put me down first. Surely the ENT will do that.