Sunday, January 17, 2010

1-16-17 - 10

  I'm trying to tell this and at the same time be tactful and not gross. This will be hard to do.

  For the last few days I've been hurting in my back and hip area. Saturday we headed out to a man who was suppose to have a 16 ft garage door for sale. We got there and he didn't have it. We went to Sams and bought some supplies and from there went to Shoney's. It was getting late by then and we come on home. All the while I kept this pain in y back and hips that I had for the last few days.

I felt the need to use the bathroom but again to no avail only this time unbelievable pain and pressure set in. I had taken some things that were suppose to make your bowels move with no results, so I tried them again. Denise suggested a suppository but I was so impacted it would not go in. By now I was bleeding out my rear end and in some bad pain plus sick at my stomach. The pressure had built so great that setting up was painful.

  There was enough pain that I overcame my fear old the Morphine and took some. I manually dug out what I could, a slow process but it seemed to be getting nowhere. By this time though I was bleeding out my rectum. I was able to use the suppository but it didn't work, actually I tried a couple. I asked Denise to get me an Enema from Food City. I remembered a friend telling me his mom had to use these on his dad when he had cancer and was on the pain meds.

  She brought me one back and I read it and asked her to help, it said two people were better than one at it. She refused to help so I was on my own. I done the directions as best I could and fell asleep on the floor in the bathroom from exhaustion of the whole ordeal which had gone on for hours prior to this. I laid 2 old towels down on the tile which I took a blow dryer that did heat the tile up enough to not be as uncomfortable. About an hour later I awoke and a little moved. So after that I repeated the process, fell asleep again and more moved very painfully. The instruction said most if not all of the liquid in the bottle should be placed inside yet both time I was only able to place about 1/8 in.

  I went back to the cabinet and took yet another dose of Morphine, ran a hot tub of water and soaked. I also got some kind of pill that is suppose to relax you (one of the ones I take for the treatment). When I got out I took and done a 3rd one this time getting maybe 1/4 or a little more in. I laid there prepared for the wait and it came fast. It was one of those pains that make you want to throw up, but out came a lot. Once it was over, the pain lessened, but I was exhausted. I took a bath and went to bed.

  Later this morning Denise fixed me a pancake, I ate about 1/2, and mixed some of the laxative later on. More came out then than last night. I believe I had become impacted from days of not being able to use the bathroom.

  I've slept on and off all day today and kept on the Morphine. I'm still sore and it is still hard to set up or place any pressure on my rear end. I still think there are more left, but maybe I'm wrong... sure hope so. I am almost tempted to try another enema but doing these on your own are very hard to do.

  The outside of my throat is showing the same attributes as the last time when I ended up in the hospital. It will be a race to see if 4 more treatments can be done without another break. this could explain where the ones missing are.       

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