Monday, January 25, 2010


  Charlie and I headed out to UT today for a drink, lol. I learned something today though... call Ruth first. The ladies still accommodated us even though I had not called ahead, my bad. Er got there about 8am and we were brought back about 8:30am, if had I have called before it would have been faster. Weather permitting we are going back Wednesday. I plan on doing this for a few weeks until I can get back online. I'm back up to 190.5 tonight!. They gave me 2 bags of fluids plus something for my stomach, I declined the Lorazapan. I am however going to ask him for some pills in these though. I get these shakes and twitches and a weird feeling inside, like I'm breaking out of something, sorta of nervous and they help that. It doesn't always happen but occasionally it does. That is the only one of all this stuff I'd like to keep. I'm not sure if it is muscles or nerves, but they are all pretty much involuntary. These attacks have lessened somewhat but still continue. I've also developed referred pain to my left ear... strange?

  We stopped back at Shoneys where I bought lunch, something that was suppose to have been done last Thursday. Charlie wasn't fond of me buying it, but I talked him into it. Man do I feel much better but I am running out of energy. I know it's only a temporary energy until I get my body straightened out. Most of my fatigue came from running Annie to Wal-Mart for a laptop, she didn't find the one she wanted and if it had been there, it wasn't worth it. We came home and got her a decent one which she said she thought was too much. So we arranged a payment plan at her insistence. No money will be exchanged, but here is what will. That she pursue her dream (currently to be a nurse) but whatever she so chooses as long as she always applies herself. That she set no limits or boundaries on her abilities.  The interest is that she be a good and decent person, no matter what she selects. That she makes a positive difference in the world and remains independent upon other while knowing that sometimes she must be dependent and that she allows those who need to be dependent upon her do so. That she never stops chasing her dreams, while keeping her feet firmly planted.

  Dad fell in the shower today and messed himself up. His skin was too thin to sew up son they lapped it over and bandaged it. He didn't break any bones though. At 86, I was worried.

  We saw the lady from the Radiation room. Charlie spotter her and she came to where I was. He told her that I had been very worried about her since she had taken a break. I think her name starts with "D", but not sure. If I understood her correctly she said that the amount of weight she has lost and the disfigurement on the left side of her face meant that they would have to make another mask... her's no longer fits. She said they were looking into an alternate therapy. This lady smiles every time you see her and has been so helpful to inform all of us what to use like biotene. Bless her heart, she is always alone. She is such a beam of brightness yet in a very darkened time. I would like to ask that those of you that read this blog say a prayer for her every night when you go to bed. P.U.S.H.  Pray Until Something Happens.

  Annie and me went computer shopping tonight, came back, and ordered online, lol. She wants to be a nurse. Despite the weather, it has been a wonderful day.  I don't think she expected to get one this nice, she was saving her money to get one and this one was a tad outta her reach, it ain't now, lol.

  Charlie talked like we might go too Shoneys again tomorrow. A little Morphine to swallow and I'm all for it, lol. That will make up for the herb or whatever that was Denise though would look and taste good sprinkled over the mack & meat. They quickly filled the holes inside my throat and ended that meal. During these treatments, presentation has nothing to do with eating, lol. It all tastes funny or bad but the trick is not making it hurt.   

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