Tuesday, January 26, 2010


  Here we are not quite a week out of Radiation. Inside, my throat is still swelling and outside now 3 places have became lesions on the right side. No lesions on the left side so far. The pain is steady but seems somewhat to be decreasing in some ways. I stay sick feeling at my stomach and when I eat I get sicker, but never throw up. Instead, the feeling subsides after a few minutes when I eat. there is still the horrid taste in my mouth and I'm guess that it is the Oregano Denise sprinkled on last nights food. The swelling inside has caused
a refereed pain in my left ear, more discomfort than pain actually. That is weird since the tumor was on and caused pain in the right ear, and much more intense.
  Denise got my metaprol filled and my Miracle Mouth Wash. My BP stays good but my heart rate gets a bit out of hand. The Lorazapan seems to curb one of the other weird side effects, my nerves seems to go out of whack and I begin to shake, muscles eventually twitch snd it feels like I'm going to burst inside.  This came along with my right foot towards the end feels swelled and numb. the other foot just tingles like it is in a deep sleep as does both my hands. This started after the last Chemo and it still continues. No pain though.

  I woke up at 5am this morning, brushed my teeth and began prepping the bathroom for a bath? I sat down and answered email and then it hit me... where was I going? lol. So I went back to bed and slept until 8am. We will mark that down as a brain fart.
Me, William, and Charlie all went for breakfast this morning. That was a first that I remember and very enjoyable. Then I took off to town, lol. Yea, I'm not suppose to drive yet but I just had to. I took some pictures and placed Charlie and mom's store online at Craigslist. 

  Tomorrow we go back for another drink, lol. I will ask for 2 bags again tomorrow.  I will also ask for some more Lorazapan. Maybe soon it will get better. It seems to be the only thing that curbs those spells without knocking me out or drugging me out. 

  I stayed tired today, even took a brief nap today. Other than that I've rested and played on the computer.  


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