Sunday, January 31, 2010


  Another peaceful day right up until now. I got a laxative pill hung in one of the holes or whatever they get stuck in, in my throat. Normally I can pull them up by taking a large swallow of water and pulling it back up... not this time. It's still stuck there even as I type this. Burn a bit. I managed to get rid of dinner though, lol.  This one is in the right side where the tumor was. Funny how you get use to this.

  The rash is still drying up slowly. I haven't taken anymore of the multivitamin, must have been it. I did notice the CTCL is back on my left foot. I was kinda hoping that it would give me a break for a little longer... guess not.

  Barring right now, the pain is managed by the patch quite well which I hope to begin the decent to get rid of when we meet with Panella this Friday. I'm going after another drink to the Chemo Hut sometime this week... maybe two and hopefully I will be dehydrated good enough by then.

  Denise and I were talking and realized that I haven't had a B-12 shot in over a month, could explain the fatigue. This is the longest I have went without one in over 17 years. That should also help my healing.

  Other than inside swelling, my neck looks more like a tan a little each day. I haven't tried a soft drink (oxymoron) today but I will probably try one tomorrow.

  Still a good day again today, I have had a few together now. Makes all the pain worth it. Now if that pill would either come up or dissolve already.  


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