Monday, February 1, 2010


It's not been a good day today. Ever since throwing up last night I've had problems. Mt throat has stayed swollen inside and painful. I've stayed fatigued all day too. The numbness in my hands and feet haven't gotten any worse and perhaps feeling bad makes me notice that even more.

   This led to another getting choked on another pill today, blood pressure pill this time though. I didn't throw up at least. It's like there is a hole that small pills and food gets stuck in and they get lodged there. It makes for an odd feeling and sometimes, like last night, a painful one if they begin to dissolve there.

  Another thing that gets annoying is if I eat enough dry or eat fast it seems to travel into my nasal area. when this happens there is a trick to do. Seal off you throat, tongue or whatever before trying to suck back through your nose, or it heads towards the airways. That does lead to choking. I done that on a roll tonight.

  It has also been a day of cold sweats and chills. The chills actually don't come the same time as the sweats. I feel perfectly warm, not hot, not cold, when the sweats hit.

  A bitter taste as well stays in mu mouth but today, exceptionally so. Nothing you eat or drink will do away with it. Brushing your teeth will get rid of it for a few minutes, then it slowly works its way back.

  The rash is drying up in some places but a new rash is forming in others. It almost looks like the rash I got when the chemo backfired, just not as bad.

  A good note though, my neck feels like a bad sunburn on the outside now and getting better.  

  I'll assume that this is just part of it but will mention it to Dr. Panella this Friday.

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