Thursday, February 11, 2010


    It's been another day of mixed. My throat has been killing me today and I have stayed tired, so tired. We dressed my neck last night and I will dress it again tonight. I've gotten fluids once this week and that was the only time, perhaps twice next week? My preference was to rest and sleep but I ended up going with mom to Pigeon Forge to straighten a property listed, rental cabin. Funny how people can lie on the phone but not a easy face to face. I think it's straightened out now and mom will be OK on this one.  I actually drove it!

    My appetite is still missing. I ate 2 pancakes this morning and 1/2 a piece of chicken. I bought the chicken and should have remember that I can't eat extra crispy just yet, for that matter the spices aren't too well. My mouth is sore and I have an ulcer on my bottom lip... bet that has something to do with the upset stomach the last few days.  But at least it didn't go to waste, the kids and Denise ate it.

  Again my heels and pretty much the whole bottom of my feet are tender and painful to walk on. I'm not sure what that stems from. It feels like the whole bottom of my feet have stone bruises. That's not counting what feels like voltage shooting up every step I take, it actually doesn't hurt.

  My hair seems to be growing at a great rate... Thank God. Even mom noticed it was coming back today when I took off my toboggan.

  Tomorrow I run Matt to get his van then head to Sevierville Exxon to buy a stick welder at the place he and I discussed meeting.   

  Perhaps tomorrow will go better and should I need rest I will get rest. Although it would be great not to even need rest. It does get old after a while.

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