Tuesday, February 9, 2010


  I didn't write yesterday, it was one of the not so good days in a lot of ways and yet it was not too bad as well. I got the dishwasher instillation finished and re-plumbed the sink too. I took my time and when I started sweating I stopped until I cooled down ever mindful of the patch. My feet and bones ached yesterday and my balance wasn't the greatest.

  Today me and Charlie ventured down to UT for another drink, lol. We stopped at Hardees to grab a bite to eat and were the first into the Chemo Hut. I got the pick of the chairs, lol. I try and get the one on the end close to the bathroom. Charlie headed to Sams after they started. I slept on and off but when I was awake I learned a few things. I asked to see my blood work and they gave me a copy. There are seven things that are marked that stand a need for improvement. Some are within normal ranges barely. The nurse said that in all her years working in the field that she has only seen a few other times that such an intense, aggressive plan had been used and that I had surpassed all expectations. As she explained that I still have a long way to go, that they had never seen anybody fight any harder or make any better progress than I have. They are pleased.

  A little later on I asked another nurse about the pain patch and if I could cut back on the time it takes to wean off of it. She said that in all her years in this field that the treatment plan chosen for me was the most aggressive plan she had ever witnessed, and one of the hardest. She said she was surprised at how hard I have fought and that she was pleased at the progress I have made now and throughout the whole process. She and the other nurse earlier had both said how they have never seen a harder therapy plan and how they  were surprised at how I fought throughout this whole thing and the progress inch by inch I had accomplished.  She said for a while she wasn't sure how this would turn out and while she never spoke or showed it, she said my attitude was the ray of hope she had that I would make it through this.

  On the way back we stopped at Shoneys where the ladies there said that I had been such an inspiration to them. They watched me struggle to eat, saw the pain in my face and yet I didn't complain, I always just smiled. The say they hear people come and fuss over a head ache or a muscle ache and frown and be hateful and yet through all this I always smiled and was courteous.  

  All three instances I thanked them but said that I deserve none of the credit. I have a lot of support from a great family and friends. I had many, many great people who prayed for me and that prayer works. The P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens. There were times I wanted to quit, one time stopping eating for three days. There were many times I was carried not only by family (literally) but by Jesus throughout this all. Then I was blessed by being cared for by people who actually cared, not just there to do a job, but really cared. To take credit for this in my opinion would be wrong on my part for I could not have done this alone. Thank God I did not have to try, for I would have failed. Yes, I have fought but I have done so by the Grace of God. Blessed by my family, friends, and staff that worked on me.

  Tonight Denise looked at my head... I am getting some hair back! Already I have a baby soul patch trying, lol, and now it has started back on my head. Some of it is coming in black and some gray... hey, I'll take it any color, lol. Anywhere, lol.

  The soreness in my throat is not too bad today, so much different than yesterday. I still get choked easy but we're working on it. Today... I ride atop the world. Tomorrow... the world may ride atop me. Either way, each day is nothing more than a battle in the war.

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