Thursday, February 18, 2010


   This is today's. I'll quit posting as much as it goes along. This is looking more or less like a diary. Thank God that the drama seems to be slowing down, I'm ready. today the pain is all but gone, it didn't start that way but it has improved over the day. I never thought I'd get to this point at times, but I didn't get to this point on my on. God, family, friends, and a great staff of medical people. In no way did I get this far on my own. I have made new friends on this blog, renewed old friends.

  I have HAIR! Well, at least it has started back, lol. It seems to be growing faster each day and for me it can't grow fast enough. I have somewhat of a beard for the first time in over 20 years. I'll probably shave it but I will take hair anywhere it wants to grow, plus it shows the lines of the radiation. The radiation burnt out the hair follicles and according to what I was told it will never grow there again which is most of my face and all of my neck. That mush I won't have to shave when I start back shaving. See, there is always a dry spot in the rain, lol. Try this. You can't bring darkness into a room of light and dim the lightness but you can bring a candle in a dark room and lessen the darkness.

  I spoke with Erin Brown from National Geographic. If you read this I enjoyed our conversation and will watch for the new show and if I am selected maybe we can meet face to face.

 Well, it's bed time again. Denise watched me eat the Cheeseburger she fixed tonight and by the time I was full I had sweated enough to look like I had taken a bath from the pain. It is almost like it was in the beginning. I can actually say this time that sweat actually ran down my hair, lol, rather than just off my skin. I took one of the humidifiers out to the Sunroom so that our plants could keep moist. The banana plants and palms are wanting outside asap. They have taken a beating this year, I haven't cared for them like I should have. I lost one of the rare ones but I didn't label it so I have no idea what it was.

  My feet are still the source of a lot of pain and my hands are still numb but I think the B-12 shots are working on that. I skipped them over the last couple or three months and I knew better. This is the price I pay. My rash does seem to be diminishing slowly though. The attack only came once today of the nervous system or whatever that is that makes you feel like your going to just explode.

  One of these days I'm going to list the things I used not prescribed but told to me by other people that helps in this. All are mentioned I think throughout the blog but having them all together I think would be better. I edited this page numerous times so I apologize for all the editing.

Next week can't get here soon enough. I especially can't wait to see Dr.Rathfoot and have him take another look now that the swelling and burns have lessened. It feels like it is growing back but it could be that with lesser pain medication I am feeling more than I did plus Denise has had a sore throat which is now turning into a cold. I should have enough to fend off something now, I think. If not we will work with what we have to work with again.  


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