Friday, February 19, 2010


  Beautiful day today. I got a few things done but in the course, by the time the day was over I'm paying for it. I put new windshield wipers on both trucks, had tires put on Big Ugly, fixed Denise's rear door lift, and ran around. I got all the plants and tress in the Sunroom watered. Most importantly though, I got blood drawn for the thyroid test today.

  Towards the end of the day a lot of break through pain and before night fall I broke down and took an Endocet and about 1AM had to take yet another.

  The left side of my face and forehead, left foot and hand and arm went numb, except for the pain in my heels and in the ball of my feet, very tender. Rash is still in effect but mostly favoring my left side. The patch this time is on my left side. I'm wondering if there isn't a connection.

  I'm back to losing weight again heading back to the lower 190s. Some of it is due to break through pain, some due to just lack of appetite. It still feels like a knot in my throat and swallowing is become more difficult. Denise thinks just scar tissue... I'm not so sure. My voice is still weak and gruffly and goes out after a while. The dryness continues but seems to be improving a little. I still carry about a bottle of water with me. I've went back to using Miracle Mouth Wash.

  Denise is sick and hopefully I have enough resistance to ward it off. Crossing fingers....   

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