Monday, February 22, 2010


  I slept until 11 this morning. I would get woke up then go back to bed. Mom needed help on something so I finally stayed up and got it done and then came back home about 1pm and slept on and off until about 7. I am still tired so it will be an early night tonight.

  My hair is growing back decently, I'm tickled. I am though hitting bouts of depression now. Unusual for me. I still feel like the tumor is growing back, Thursday, Rathfoot should look again and I will be pleased to know, yes or no. I'd rather it not be but either way, I can't wait for this to end. Denise says it's just scar tissue.

  My weight continues to drop, I'm (last time looked) 192.5 lbs. Probably less now. Again today I resorted to the Morphine 15mg for the foot pain even though this morning I awoke for the first time and they didn't hurt. Unfortunately though it didn't last long. They hurt so bad Sunday that I used the handicapped parking pass, even at Sears when I got my tires put on. I just couldn't take the pain hoofing it too far. Other than to buy the grill me and Denise said we would when it goes on sale, I sat. Oddly enough, setting doesn't help that much but it does a little. The guys noticed the handicapped sticker and also noticed how I walked. How embarrassing. I hate using that parking pass.

  Only 1 of the anxiety type attacks today... not bad.

  Somehow I thought when the chemo and radiation was over that it was clear sailing. I was wrong. After a while one just gets tired and feels like tossing their hands in the air and saying enough. I'm almost to that point now.

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