Tuesday, March 2, 2010


  Been a long day. Me and mom went to do BPO in Knoxville. I busted my butt going around back but I'm using snow as the excuse, lol. Not to be outdone by my own ignorance, later tonight I ran a hot tub of water. There is a moral in this story, never test your temperature of your water with neuropathy, lol.  I scalded my feet, especially the left one which doesn't hurt, it's the rest of the leg that does, lol. Not my day for bright moves, lol.

  The dose of medicine for the neuropathy has now increased from 200mg to 400 mg two times per day... it has not stopped all the pain. My balance, despite a brief embarrassing moment, is decent though.

  I have some teeth that are either acting up or as I come off the patch, I'm feeling them. 

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