Wednesday, March 3, 2010


  Busy day today. Me and mom went back again today to finish what we started yesterday with the proper supplies. She drove all the way. We came back and I went to Allen Surrette Hardware and bought Denise 2 pieces of old Corning  glass cook wear, the one that was missing was the one she wanted. Went to the office for something... don't remember, lol. I got on the computer and work some more on it, changing the report from a long time ago.

  Patty came in with her daughter who I didn't recognize. She was tall and I guess I thought she should still be little.It was good to  see here again.  

  Spoke with the lady from National Geographic about setting up an interview next week. Hopefully by then I'll have some decent

  The medicine for the neuropathy is failing slowly, I'm not sure why, even though the dose has doubled.   

  Watched American Idol, took a bath (cooler one, lol) then got on the computer. I thought I'd be smart and put some of the cream from the Amish store on where I burnt my legs and feet... wrong more. I tried blowing them, washing off the stuff and finally went for a pain pill. Here it is 45 minutes later and it has backed off. Now maybe I can get some sleep. Pretty pathetic, eh? It's going on 3am.


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