Monday, March 8, 2010


Beautiful day today, I got started about 7am. I helped mom with some BPOs, which I enjoy doing and then came home and started painting the bed on Big Ugly. Shirt off and loving it, all but the pain. I managed to get a bit of a sunburn, get some of that pretty chemo color off, lol. I did figure out pretty quick the neck should have been covered, lol. I do have some feeling in my hand now, closed my finger in the garage door, hurt for a minute, but not too bad. Talked with National Geographic about next week and setting up the interview. The show will be on A&E channel. They are doing a bunch from coast to coast then the producers will pick which ones. Not sure if they use that interview or if they will do another just for the show. If seems a bit different than Fox and Newsweek done.

This stuff that I'm taking for the neuropathy isn't working even though I am up to 600mg twice a day. It is so embarrassing to walk and the longer I am on my feet the more intense it gets. I meant to call Ruth and see about Lavitra but forgot to call early, usually that is the only time you can get her. That lady is busy.

I started three days ago taking B-17 in the form of Amygdalin, 1 pill per day. I just now told Denise. The directions are in Spanish so I figure to be safe, just 1. There is one to look up, lol. I also have been taking my Tumeric Curcumin, 2 capsules a day along with my Ginkgo Biloba (blood thinner), 1 capsule per day.

My mouth is trying to make saliva again, thank God.

The leg is scabbing over where I scalded it but I noticed something, the CTCL is coming back with a vengeance. That would make sense since the chemo has pretty much rendered my defenses obsolete. I really need to take a few NBUVB treatments but I also really need to check first to see if it will cause a cancer on my neck since it is vulnerable. I don't guess anything is ever easy is it? I'd say I'm in a pickle. Wouldn't that be strange to heal on cancer and let the other get you. I may just have to return back to Zic & Greer at Vanderbilt. This stuff is everywhere, kinda like MasterCard & Visa, lol.

If I could get rid of the Neuropathy and if I get some kind of energy and if I get a hold of the CTCL... oh wait, there are a lot of IFs there, lol. Smallest word in the dictionary with the largest meaning.

Tomorrow I have to get started on the taxes.

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