Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am coughing up some kind of meat again. Must be spare parts, lol. Lots of puss and my throat is still swelled to the point it is visible. I would say I will hit the oxygen again, getting some chest pressure again and hard to breath. Funny, the swelling went down enough to take all but my heart pill, the smallest one, lol. This morning we had to crush and mix with water to take my meds, tastes bad in a way. I’ve only used 1 pain pill so far so that I could talk to dad. God it hurts to talk. When breath you can hear a flapping noise, sounds like some kind of weird animal, lol. I’ve felt but forgot to take my temperature. Probably like yesterday, 99-100. I’m guessing that three hours of sleep ain’t helping. I am so tired that I probably will just copy and paste this for the blog. I can’t quit now though, mom and dad need my help. The guards are getting use to me at Ft Sanders, I think they thought I was drunk the first few times the watched me walk, lol. Denise helps me to stay on track, I do good on short walks but not too good on long ones. Still, it could be worse. Tomorrow is booked solid and I may stay up and do some of the paperwork for mom. That way she won’t be worried and free to focus on dad. Got 5 sold so far. I didn’t do this well before I retired my license, lol. If I can get about 4 hours sleep tonight I think I’ll be ok.

You outta see my throat, not sure it was ever swelled like this even through the radiation and chemo. I may have to take a pain pill or morphine to sleep and go in the sunroom to hit the oxygen, it usually relieves the chest pain but I have the nitro close. Funny, the tumor radiated a referred pain to the right ear, this one is my left ear but not as painful. I don’t think the crying helps. This will be like the time me and dad pissed off yellow jackets. He is allergic to them, luckily they came at me. I told him to run and I stood still until he could be cleared, then I ran… got stung 21 times, lol. It passed as will this, just got to hold on a bit more, he would do the same for me. I had 106.9 The Light put him on their prayer list. Great station. I’m worried about Denise, she forgot her BP meds. I tried to get her to take mine but she won’t.

I look at dad and what pain and fear he is in… this is nothing to withstand. I’ll go until I can’t, then I’ll dig deeper.
Love Ya, Anthony.

PS, tell your mom Hi.

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