Monday, March 15, 2010


I didn't write last night, sort of went south a bit. Nothing has really changed a whole lot except I have been able to swallow my pills rather than to crush, except this morning. My throat seems to have closed off a bit more but the chest pressure has gone. Still have some meat parts coughing up, or at least that is what they look like, Denise said she don't know what they are. The Predisome and Bactrum double strength do not seem to have any effects. I have a regular follow-up with Panella Friday so I guess we will see then. Who knows, maybe he will order a CT Scan or open MRI on my neck a little early. I am so tired.

I have learned that if I take a pain pill in addition to the patch I can talk a bit louder, so I take one before we see dad. It is still painful but less which enables me to push harder before I reach my apex. He don't hear well and I don't talk well... not a good combination. Today I also took one before National Geographic came, it went well, he brought an additional mic that he place close. It was about 2 hours not counting setup. Very enjoyable.

I noticed tonight there is some blood coming up as well and it sounds like a flap is over my throat again, swelling maybe? I took an additional 10mg of Morphine tonight, last night I took nothing. I have to get a bit more sleep and easing the pain is the only way I know. I stopped in the Sunroom for some oxygen. Does nothing for the throat pain but it does make me feel like I am not smothering. That is a weird and scary feeling. My sinuses are stopped up too, maybe related.

Dad is worse tonight, see his update.

Well it is after 2am and I got the BPO done and while I was going to sleep late tomorrow that just got canceled, have to be at the office early.

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kim said...

Doesn't sound like you should wait until Friday. Call and get in sooner; if something needs to be done, you know you can't get anything on a weekend (like a scan). Hang in there...