Saturday, March 27, 2010


I woke up this morning in a lot of pain both in the left side of my throat and referred ear pain. I basically started out the day with a hit of Morphine... not a good thing. my neuropathy was still raging but not as bad as yesterday, but close. We managed to get the taxes done late last night and went today and had them done at H&R Block, 500.00, but I'm glad its done now. That was some stress off.

I got very little actually accomplished today but I tried to take advantage of the beautiful day... just didn't quite work. Megan has an intestinal bug and Denise's back is still out. I had a hard time with balance but I'm not sure exactly why. I can now fully understand dad's frustration. mentally you know what to do but the body isn't willing and the mind will not retain some things that need to be done until it is too late to do them. If this is a glimpse into the future I hope that isn't right, if so, they can have it.

We went to Morristown to get a screw that Sears forgot to put in the new Grill, some pavers which God only knows how I will get them in place, Easter baskets, and look at refrigerators. Since the two main trucks are down we took dad's. This turned out to be good and not too good. I miss him dearly. Way too many memories for both of us. I know crying doesn't help this stuff but...

Maybe tomorrow will be better. This video is for Dad, Annie, Papa, Joe, Edna, Gerald, Keith, and The Old Man...

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