Monday, March 29, 2010


Wet and cold again today but Matt and me went to Pull-Apart, man did we have fun, or at least I did. I found the armrests that I needed and then some. The chemo fog set in again and I remembered Big Ugly having a cracked tail light, right and wrong both at the same time. I had Cody fabricate a flat Steel Bed for Big Ugly so the tail light I remembered was gone, no longer needed, lol. I guess I can just save it in case Spot ever needs one. We ate, went to Harbor Freight then home. Neuropathy and all, I made it around. It worsened as the day progressed.

Megan and me went to Sears and bought a new refrigerator. Ours is still working but it is old and cannot last long. We will probably use it for a spare but may give it away. Denise wasn't thrilled with the final cost but it was what we both agreed on and with the warranty even on sale over 1500.00! Things have gone up. Another thing marked off the list now.

The CTCL isn't letting up and my eyelids are pretty bad. My left side of the throat is hurting pretty bad and tossing referred pain into the right ear. Denise says its where I have been outside in the cold damp weather. I finally just before writing gave in and took a pain pill, but a lesser one. Denise's back is finally better ad Megan's Intestinal bug is gone, but I think she may have passed it to Misty and me.

If my body so sees fit, I have a lot to accomplish tomorrow. Help mom in the morning and maybe start the small area where the grill will go, actually I'd like to finish it an grill tomorrow night, a dream I know.

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