Tuesday, March 30, 2010


  Been a day. I ran errands all day today. I got the new monitor hooked up at the office then drove everywhere. I ended the day with me and Matt heading to get a car I accidentally bought on Ebay. It turned out good, despite what Denise thinks though for Matt and Misty had been wanting it. How odd that we were both looking at the same car. I know they will enjoy driving it with the top down this summer. If I can't ride the bike this summer I can always drop the top on the Skylark and we can follow them.

  I bought five Strawberry plants and some cabbage plants. I got spoiled last year eating what few strawberries we got last year from one plant. I never got to harvest my cabbage so hopefully I will this year. God willing, I will sneak out tomorrow and plant them.

  Today the two last teeth to be lost began to abscess and on and off all day pain and a fever. I used some of the Loratabs to ease it off. My neuropathy tonight has kicked in full gear, today it ranged from ok to not too ok, coming into it's own tonight. My throat hasn't given me a minutes peace today and my voice has been all but absent. Tonight the referred pain in my left ear worsens and I have been able to make a weird noise all day. My day yesterday at the junk yard coming back to haunt me?

   The CTCL is on one of my eyelids now and working on my eyebrows. It has been a long time since it got that part. If there was such a thing as the sun it might help drive back the CTCL a bit, lol. The had thing to work around I can already tell will be just that... sun. My neck stays heated and red and it doesn't take much sun to burn like fire. Green also said that I will have a greater risk of skin cancer on my neck now. I know that sunblock is very caustic as is suntan lotion, so where is one to meet in the middle at? Once again I can feed one or the other cancer.

  On a metal and emotional note I might mention. One goes through many emotions throughout the roller coaster ride. I can't even stage it from here but I'm sure it shows up on the writings at that particular time frame, but I'll deal with now. The level of frustration is high and the tolerance for people getting angry is low. There is a point that I have come to that I know I need to stop and heal, something that wasn't possible for a couple of weeks because I was needed and events beyond our control was at hand. There is also a point to where frustration steeps high due to a lack of not being able to do, especially if they were very active to start with. Fussing at the individual is actually detrimental to anything being accomplished and actually detracts from anything positive, especially desired results.We have very little patience with ourselves let along someone fussing and getting mad. Life is short and I think anybody who has been through this realizes that life is nothing longer than the flicker of a candle. So... how do you want to spend your time? Angry, or making the most out of each minute you have left.


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