Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's been a day of painkillers today. Between two broken off teeth abscessing and my left side of my throat it has been rough. I've had to maintain a constant supply of it today. I picked up my X-ray but Boyd was closed by the time I got there, I'll take it tomorrow first thing. Maybe after Sydney talks with Green it will be ok to get the damaged ones out soon. It is amazing the damage that radiation does. I did get some stuff done today though which felt good. Big Ugly is once again read worthy, lol. I have the concrete squares in place for the gas grill patio but it needs to be bigger so that is at hand tomorrow also.

  Matt & Misty came back here and I caught a couple of pics of them. This car will be so cute when they get it finished.

  My voice done ok today as did my swallowing, tonight however it falls back again to bad. I got choked easily again and it is swelled tonight making it hard to breathe once again. From what Rathfoot said it is the acid reflux that is eating it up. I also read that another person was having trouble after radiation with acid reflux. They are also having trouble with saliva glands as well. I have found that while water does keep you moist somewhat, the glands respond better to something like Vitamin water, Yoo-hoo, Tea, etc. Prepping to hit the bed again.

  While I think of it, the CTCL is helped by ocean water and the sun. I have spoken with two other people that go to the beach ever so often just for that and it helps them too. I thought of that tonight after Denise made our reservations for the beach. Funny, before all this happened we talked about going two or three times a year for short durations just for that.   

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