Saturday, April 3, 2010


   Today I started with painkillers from the left side of my throat. I awoke about 6:30 then after about an hour went back to sleep. The rest of the day I tolerated the pain until tonight. Denise was off so I attempted to get some more stuff done but while the spirit was willing the flesh wasn't, I know understand that saying. Me and Megan did get the strawberries planted along with the cabbage. She enjoyed picking out the flowers and planting them in the baskets and planters, she done an excellent job.

   Later this evening we grilled, nothing fancy, just hot dogs and hamburgers along with carrots, asparagus (steamed), potatoes, and sweet onions. Matt, Misty, Josh, Brandon, Alex, Kaden, Megan, Denise, mom, Denise, and Annie. I done so-so, not use to the grill yet but I'm impressed with it. I forgot my sunblock again today. It was nice. By tonight through my energy just ran out and I fell asleep until now. We've still two trees to plant but I really want Megan, Josh, and Brandon to plant them. That is the on thing one can always look back on that remains other than memories.

  My saliva glands has tried to work today better yesterday. The neuropathy didn't give way today at all though. My breathing is slowly becoming impaired with the swelling, even a little blood spit out. I think tonight I'll sleep in a chair to see if that helps. Other than tonight, I've not eaten as much late at night as Kim has said to do. That has helped somewhat but the acid reflux is still breaking through. Tomorrow we just rest and enjoy in observation of Easter.  Happy Easter.

Megan is the far right doing her hanging baskets. 


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