Wednesday, April 7, 2010


  I thought I had posted last night but I see I didn't. It is so weird how this stuff effect the brain.  

I woke up this morning then went right back out...twice, lol. Yesterday they delivered the frige and it did fit through the door with some work. Two different guys plus the owner of the company. They worked hard to get it through.

 I stayed outside all but the time they delivered the fridge. I've started carrying a pad to help me remember what I wanted to do in my pocket. I think it's called Chemo Fog. Why I get the things that should have come in December or earlier I have no idea. One note I have left myself is to wear sunblock on my neck. I burnt it pretty bad yesterday and it swelled and throbbed, and still is this morning. The pain is pretty rough but not enough to warrant pain meds. It is local and isolated so I can ignore that if I am preoccupied.

 My neuropahthy was bad yesterday, and that was remembering to take my pills. I did however have to ride the bike to the hardware while they delivered the fridge because my driveway was block so I now know I can ride no matter how bad it is. The only thing would be my balance. I don't think my ignorance of jumping off the tractor helped any, lol. It felt like 120 volts went through each leg when I landed. I done that several times. There just isn't any easy way to dismount the tractor.

  I woke up this morning with the same film and pain that I do every morning but this time I noticed and watched what I spit up and hacked to get up. It is dried blood and some puss later. I'm not sure what the film in my mouth is but the stuff in my throat that prohibits me from speaking and causes a lot of pain is dried blood. I go to Rathfoot tomorrow and I hope he can see what is going on. Not that I really like a scope up my nose and down my throat but he numbs it, and I'm getting use to it. I keep remembering what Lone Wolf told Denise  many years ago, "Never say never rather say I'd rather not, we may just have to one day do what we said we would never do".

  I'll post later if something  



April said...

Hey there Anthony! Your blog is fantastic!

So glad I found my way back here!
I hope tomorrow treats you well friend. :)

anthony7 said...

Thanks lady. I check your out as well. It looks great.

I pray that tomorrow treats you great as well. You are a good friend and a good person.