Wednesday, April 7, 2010

04-07-2010 Evening

I got a little busy today and I know I'll pay tomorrow but I sure did have fun today. I mowed our yard, mom's yard and tilled where the green beans are going. I'll do some other stuff there like Okra and whatever Denise doesn't want in her gardens. I did cheap though. I hooked the rotovator up to the tractors and took it out 5 feet at a time, it may be 6 but we'll say five just to be safe. Fixed the power steering on the tractor, installed a fan in Big Ugly, unloaded the rest of the sand for the grandkids, the Megan and me planted an apple and a cherry tree. Me and Denise carried the wrought iron table and chairs on the back porch.

   I couldn't help but remember so many memories wile doing mom & dad's yard, it took a little longer than it should. I miss him. 

  The vibration of both the tractor and riding lawnmower eased the neuropathy while I was riding but when I got off, another story. I was taking a break with National Geographic called to say they would not be using me this time but maybe next time. I think my voice and health may have played a part in their decision. She said maybe next month. That is really good though as it will allow me time to heal. The show will be called Beyond and Back and should be good. I'll be watching to see if any of my friends are on it, especially Lou.

  Tonight I am again tired. Slowly each day I get a little farther along. I've been getting into trouble for doing yet if I do get back up I must do so attempting. Today has been a no pain med day again. In part to where I remembered the sunblock on my neck the I took my shirt off, rolled it up, and used it as a scarf. It still swelled but not as bad and the pain is lower.

  Tonight has been quiet so far. Last night someone knocked at her door 3 times and then came back here. It was late but I was up fairly late but both were around the same time frame. I really don't think they got what they expected when I walked out with a Carbine rifle, so they decided to move on.  

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