Thursday, April 8, 2010

04-08-2010 - Dr. Rathfoot Follow-Up

   I had a follow-up with Dr Rathfoot today, not quite what I expected or wanted to hear. I got to hear the word "rare" once again. A rare side effect from the radiation is that it can damage the cartilage in the voice box area. From what I understood it is hardening or dying from the radiation. He said that my throat was the worse he had saw it, including during the radiation. Due to the infections and swelling I have been bleeding and that is where the blood comes from in the mornings. During the day I keep the blood from collecting but at night, with drinking nothing, it accumulates. In the mornings, except this morning, I am completely mute until I get it broke loose.

  He is getting me set up for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Saint Mary's Hospital. He said at least 2 weeks, maybe longer. He thinks that it should turn around by then but like us he would like to see a Cat Scan, there is a possibility of a new tumor under all the swelling. Both sides are swelled around the larynx very bad, he explained as he drew the swelled area on a pad that had a picture of the area. I would have to set in a room for about a hour each day which doesn't sound real bad.

    When we meet with Panella I will insist on the Cat Scan to know if this junk is back. I am glad that Rathfoot insists on keeping close tabs on his patients rather than waiting like Panella wanted. If we had done it Panella's way I'd be dead right now. I have completed my "bucket list" with the fridge, the last item to be done. More treatments would have to look awfully good to go any farther than I have already went, and that is doubtful. I know I will not and cannot go through another round like the last time. I kept my promise to Denise and fought and fought hard.

  The neuropathy though today has not been bad, it ha actually backed off a bit. While I think of it, if someone goes through this and notices a band on the fingernails that is also a side effect from the chemo. We learned that today. I don't think it is painful but you have to remember that this is coming from the man that closed his fingers in a door and tried to walk off, lol. It actually looks pretty wild.     

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