Tuesday, April 13, 2010


  I am dreading tomorrow. Denise has all the details on how the treatment should go and it doesn't sound too bad. We shall see. Its longer than radiation yet shorter than chemo, lol.

  Today I've kept fairly active until the afternoon and I ran out of fuel, lol. These sudden bouts of extreme fatigue that come about out of nowhere are annoying at the least. I'm wondering if it is not due to the effort it takes to breathe and the pain level. The two seem to be connected.

  This day has also been a day of balance issues which has been rough. Usually I have a few episodes but today has seemed like one big episode. I did sneak in an additional pill for the neuropathy last night which has seemed to help a little today, but its not worth that price. Today is the first time I even got off balance sitting down. What I have personally noticed s don't look up high or down low. No quick twisting of the head or body and not getting up fast.

  My pain level has soared today and I did take measures to keep it manageable. It wasn't all day but most of the day.

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