Wednesday, April 14, 2010

04-14-2010 First Look, Hyperbolic Oxygen Chamber

  We got our first look at the Hyperbolic Oxygen Chamber... pretty cool looking. There can be I believe the guys said 10 people at a time and it has a TV in it where they show movies, today's was President John Quincy Adams. Dr Patrick Downing is the doctor and there are two guys and a lady we met with... all extremely nice. The Dr has a great sense of humor. Once again St Mary's has my complete respect.

   Downing gave me the once over in an exam to see if I was truly a candidate, and I was. He explained into depth every aspect including the history of the chamber. He also went into depth also on the possibilities of the side effects which are stroke and seizure. Ok, that isn't very good side effects but they are rare. That is funny since I believe it is my middle name, lol. Tonight, Denise and I go over the what if this or that happens and what my wishes are. That is, if I can't do life as I enjoy it, let me go home with dignity... no artificial life support of any kind. I'm placing that up here so no hassle will come to her or argument as to what should be done. According to what we were previously told it could also trigger the cancer back.

  I will have to wear scrubs and socks and no metal, especially titanium. Funny, I think that is what my stints and anchors are made of. Hopefully I won't go BOOM, lol. No glasses since that is what my eyeglasses are made from. The sessions last about 2 hours from start to finish. That is making ready and decompressing included. I was under the impression that it would last for two weeks but Downing says about 33 sessions. I'm not sure i can do that much TV, lol. 

   Denise said my TSH levels are still normal at 2.9, whatever that is, lol. Today has been a fair day, loads of pain and bleeding so I have stayed pilled up a bit. My voice has been as usual, Downing said it sounded like The Godfather, lol. I like this guy. He is straight up yet funny. Brutally honest and blunt. This is what I need. So far, I have been blessed with the best doctors and nurses out there.  Downing said that he had the only medicine that could help me now. It is either do it or let my voice leave as my throat closes off and I smother to death. A rock and a hard place???

  Denise talked the lady at National Geographic's Beyond and Back. She was interviewed over the phone. The lady said either her or Robin would be calling soon with the travel dates and arrangements. Bill and me went to pick up our metal we both bought, not together but separately, but we went and picked them both up. On the way back, man did we ever hit a great yard sale full of tools. The back of his truck was getting full, lol. We were going to pull the float with Big Ugly but they guy that put the bed together and on apparently had no concept of gravity when it came to the fuel spouts. I repaired one and I have one to go. That leads us to now... bedtime.         


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