Saturday, April 24, 2010


  Saturday we returned from Atlanta, Ga where Denise and I were interviewed Friday. We are exhausted. We took our time coming home, stopping in at the Sweetwater Flea Market. It has been a fun but exhausting last three days.

   Denise took me for the treatment Thursday then we headed down towards Atlanta to meet with Beyond & Back's producers Chris and Supriya at Artisan Picture Works on Friday. In our haste we forgot to take the laptop. I skipped Friday's treatment but will resume on Monday. Chris is also the producer of Deadliest catch and American Loggers. They were accompanied by a very nice man working the cameras and mics from New Zealand. We both loved his accent. National Geographic has the best of the best working for them.   

  The treatment seems to be helping slowly, my voice is getting back a little but the swelling is still there. Funny, we were accommodated with a room with a king sized bed but I slept on the love seat so I could breath. I will probably turn in early tonight. Here I have a lot of pillows, a humidifier, and if all else fails... my chair.

  After a meal coming home and making the mistake of attempting to eat a very spicy steak and crab cake, I am about two steps away from taking some Morphine. No more treatments than I have had I should be pleased with my results but somehow it just isn't moving fast enough for me. I noticed going down there, while riding, that the swelling is also about my Adam's apple. I think that must be where that flap thing resides because I played around with it and got it to stop sticking. Maybe if the swelling was down the saliva glands would begin to work again and then it would be better?

  I've gotten headaches lately... not sure why.    


kim said...

Maybe the headaches are from using less pain meds? A little withdrawal perhaps?
Then again, I never ever get headaches and have had one lately from sinus inflammation due to all this pollen. It usually does not bother me at all but this year is terrible for some reason. I shall not whine though. YOU are the only one here with a license to whine.
Hope you have a great weekend and week to come.

anthony7 said...

Maybe sinus, God knows I've used a lot of pain meds lately.