Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oops, think I was off a bit on the date last post or two, lol. Today started out pain free but that soon changed. I did start the day with a decent voice that fluctuated back and forth and even tonight it isn't all bad. I had to resort back to Morphine twice today at about 15cc.

  Me and Charlie headed down to my treatment in the cold, damp morning and by the time it was over it wasn't damp anymore... it was soaked. Man was the chamber ever cold today... terribly, terribly cold, and long. We seemed to be in there forever.

  Sidney's office called with a price on the tooth extraction which was acceptable out of pocket but to be put under was almost double since the insurance will not pay anything for that. With four coming out and two below the gum line I was wanting to be put under but not bad enough to pay double so I guess I'll be awake for the whole thing. Green has given the green light but I want Rathfoot's blessing and I would really like for Panella to do the Cat Scan on the lymph nodes to make sure it is gone. I see no use wasting money for that if it is still there. So I have postponed the day for another week after the follow-ups. And the fun just never seems to stop coming, lol.

  Tonight my neuropathy is at full bloom and my energy level is low. I did have Denise look at feel of my throat and she thinks she can visually see some swelling gone down a bit in my throat and she says it feels like it too.     

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