Wednesday, April 28, 2010


  I have been the worse for wear today, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The day started with little pain but to prepare for the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy I took 1 1/2 Loratab 7.5s. My mouth gets so dry with the absence of saliva glands working it is excruciating. They are good to take the hood off for me to drink a sip of water but that stays but a brief moment and the more I take off the hood the less the treatment I receive, plus the air is frigid in there. The chamber was terribly cold today, unusually so. The treatment seemed to last an eternity even watching the latest Rambo movie. Today though the pain level returned. I gritted and bared it until this evening.

  I finally got the new tail lights wired in and installed in dad's truck, euro styled smoke colored. They had an extra light socket but also a delete plate. I figured why not wire in that extra bulb socket and have three lights in each tail light. I also had Big Ugly's doors re-keyed by Town & Country Lock. Not a lot got done today, but at least something. By evening I had given into the pain and took 20mg of Morphine followed a few hours later by 20 more and just now another 10. It still hasn't eased it off a whole lot.

  Somehow I figured that by now I would be winding down, maybe even stopping the blog, but it isn't looking that way or that it will be anytime soon. Denise says she still sees less swelling but I wonder if that is not just hopeful eyes and hands wishing. We chatted and I told her that what had started out to be a battle, one that had been looking finally favorable, has now began to look more like a slow and painful death. Either way, I will ride this thing out and continue to post until there is nothing to post or nobody to post it. One way or the other it surely will have to end.

  I would delve deeper but it would not be sticking with the topic at hand. Tomorrow comes early and perhaps maybe a better day... I hope.  

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