Friday, April 30, 2010


Me and Charlie headed of again this morning for the HBOT. I'll have a picture of it to scan and place up, compliments of Dr. Downing. This one went better and it was definitely warmed in the pressurization part of it, even my saliva almost worked a bit for a change. Never though I would want to spit, lol. It got cold depressurizing though, just not as cold as it stayed the other day. Nobody blacked out. One of the people said that the dr was messing with the controls yesterday. 

  I'm not sure if it is helping or just how much. Denise says that the swelling is leaving yet the swallowing is getting worse and so is the pain. One would think that if it comes under control a bit in the swelling that the pain and swallowing would improve. I'm looking forward to the visit with Dr Rathfoot next week and see what he says after scoping me. Then come Dr Panella to see what he thinks and we're gonna see if he is planning a Cat Scan of the lymph nodes anytime soon. I have an appointment with Dr Boyd to extract the four teeth the radiation caused to break and it would be nice to know it is worth the money, time, and trouble.

  Charlie and me went to Grainger county off Lakeshore road and he bought his tomato plants, I got a few more cucumbers, crooked neck squash, and watermelon plants. No banana melons yet. I think I have some seed here somewhere so I'll start my own. We hit a few yard sales on the way back. I bought a few more tools, lol.

  I had gone to sleep tonight and had forgotten to post, really nothing much had changed so I was just going to skip. I am really worn out. I woke up fighting for air again. For whatever reason my throat just closed off again while I was sleeping. The adrenalin is really pumping now, lol. That would be the perfect way to go, in my sleep, as long as I don't wake up and smother to death. I've coughed up some puss looking stuff. maybe that is what it was? I have put ice on my neck and I think I will breath a bit of oxygen then try it again.    


April said...


We miss you at the concen Anthony! The 2010 garden thread needs you and your expertise. Hope you find some time for us again soon. We send our luv though, as always. :)

anthony7 said...

Hey lady, thanks. I miss you all too. I'll be back on the board at CC soon and we will all get these gardens booming. I hope all is well.