Thursday, April 29, 2010


  Today started out like last night stayed... painful. I took some Morphine to ease it off and slept more than I stayed awake. It was a bit warmer in the chamber today, so that certainly helped. I made it all day without anything, just tolerated the pain until about 8pm, then took 20mg which eased it off a bit. I just then took 10mg for nap time, which is about what it has once again became.It doesn't look like I will be getting a lot of sleep tonight again.  

  All I got done at home was to place cages on all the tomatoes and put two D Links on Big Ugly. I napped on and off after that.

  Next week I meet with Rathfoot to see if the HBOT is going anywhere or nowhere and the follow-up with Panella that was postponed for the national Geographic interview. Maybe we will have a clear understanding of what and just where this thing is leading. One thing is for sure, nothing remains constant.

  My handicapped hanger is up next month so I guess I will renew it. We're debating on a permanent or another temporary one but leaning to permanent. We can always drop it later if we need to.


Crystal Mary said...

Get yourself a juicer and do friut and vegetables....have it, have it and have it. Cancer lives on dead food...
Fresh Fruit and vegetables are LIVE food...
They will DETOX your liver..
You have nothing to loose brother...nothing.. I have seen it work well.
God bless you heaps!

Crystal Mary said...
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anthony7 said...

Thank you. I will give it a try. I have a juicer here and done juices a couple of years ago.