Tuesday, May 11, 2010


  It has been a long day, a good day but a long day. The treatment went slow today and for whatever reason I got a bit sick. That happens sometimes. The Colonel says he gets sick sometimes too. Me and Charlie stopped at Shoney's as usual but this time I ate a lot. I knew it would be the last decent meal for a while.

  After a short break we went to Dr Boyd to get the teeth extracted. Sidney and his staff are excellent. There is always one though. Did you ever notice that? One lug nut, one screw, one bolt... always one, lol. The last one on the bottom right didn't numb much, actually pretty much didn't numb. The first three went well with very little if any pain. Then came the last one, the one I felt like it was abscessing. I must have sucked a tank of gas on that one and it didn't want to come out, but eventually it did. All but one were below the gum line so I got stitches in all four.

  I bled a lot but thankfully I had come off the blood thinner late last week. I'm still bleeding some and I expect that I will wake up with a sore throat...lol, like that would be unusual. Tonight I had extremely runny mashed potatoes Denise made. They were easy on my teeth but hard to swallow. It is weird, too hard and it hurts and too soft and it gets stuck even worse. For whatever reason I craved a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, not the smartest move I've made. The peanut butter removed some of the stitches in you guessed it, the worse one.

  I dread going to sleep because in the morning it is going to hurt and will take extra work to speak and ease the pain, more so than usual. I've decided that I will go tomorrow and do the HBOT without missing. I planted some flowers today the dogs broke the pots they were in and started some seeds so this should be a walk in the park, lol. Nothing like planting, cursing the dogs, and spitting out blood, lol. I think that is called multitasking. I even helped Megan with some of her homework. Actually it isn't as bad as I had feared and that goes mostly due to a great doctor and staff, Dr Sidney Boyd and crew. Thank you all.         

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