Wednesday, May 12, 2010


  I woke up this morning and got ready for the HBOT but I was still bleeding some, especially the one that was abscessed that I tore most of the stitches out of. We thought it best to not do it. Funny thing though is that we went all the way there and backed out. I ate some soft scrambled eggs this morning and some pudding later in the day. Definitely these were smarter choices that the peanut better, lol. This morning it took a while to get the blood out of my throat as I had expected, actually a few hours. I took pain pills in the morning but by mid day I was fine and didn't have to take any until after I ate a pancake, I haven't needed them since then. This is a minor pain, actually more sore than anything. I did get a bit hot today planting mom's roses and some plants back here that activated some bleeding, but after a cooling period in the house it stopped.

  I have noticed that my vision has changed lately. It has gotten worse for some reason, maybe the chemo. I've noticed it for a while but dismissed it to being old glasses. It still seems worse now than before.

 Tonight I had another very weak spell and Denise checked my blood pressure and it was 107 / 70. At the HBOT therapy they always check blood pressure and mine has been low lately, the lowest was 102 so far. I think this may be due to losing weight. Tomorrow I will skip the blood pressure pills and see if that helps any. That may also help with the vision. Tonight I have managed to get it to 116, but I am still light headed. I have managed to stay around 200lbs give or take, the same weight I was at UPS. The difference being that there is no stress like there was there. How many speeches did I hear about how stress was good for you at UPS, talk about full of it. 

   Tomorrow Matt has his Gall Bladder surgery so I am remembering him in my prayers. I think he will find that he will feel a whole lot better once it is taken out... after a few days. I think mine took about two or three days then I started to feel better. He has been pretty sick with his so he will be much better off.     


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